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Justin Norman

Founded by Justin Norman, since 2005 the compnay has expanded to take on new challenges every year while building solid relationships with the people of the Washington area. Its these relationships that have allowed the Pivot Company to grow into a regional, multi-division company providing quality and excellence in construction and home improvement.he Pivot Company founder.

      Justin Norman attended Coppin State University in Baltimore, Maryland and Virginia State in Petersburg, Virginia where he studied mechanical engineering, before returning home to Washington D.C.  He started doing floors with Prescott Floors as a summer job in between going to school. After college he returned home in 2002 to work for several construction and remodeling companies learning various trades including floor technician skills from Quality Floors, general carpentry from Bennett’s Nursery, framing and trim from Moss Construction, and cabinet and kitchen remodeling from Ortiz Construction. Justin branched out to work independently in 2005 as Perfection Flooring after leaving Ortiz Construction. He had success installing floors and eventually expanded to various forms of home remodeling. In 2010 he felt the company had outgrown the name Perfection Flooring and changed the name to The Pivot Company to better represent the array of work performed by the group. He has built a strong and loyal customer base in the Washington D.C. area working in nearly evrery corner of the the city and surrounding suburbs. The Pivot Company currently employes two crews and five dedicated carpenters and tradesman. As well as a strong network of subs and professionals that all represent the name.  The Pivot Company tolerates nothing less than excellence.

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