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What is the Pivot Company?


The Pivot Company is a team of gifted professionals specializing in many facets of construction, remodeling and interior design. We measure our success in two ways: the craftsmanship of our work and customer satisfaction. and it is also what sets us apart form other organizations.. We treat each customer with the utmost respect and are committed towards seeing each project through to completion with unmatched enthusiasm and a goal of excellence. Our philosophy has created a thriving business that now services a 50+ mile radius around the Washington area.


Their are three guiding principles of the Pivot Company: craftsmanship, professionalism and integrity. Craftsmanship is best displayed in our final product. Its the reason one hires a professional. It is reflected in our expertise of the trade. Further highlighted in our countless combined years of trade experience, and our ability to apply this knowledge with precision and team work to maximize results.. Professionalism is clearly displayed in our hard work ,punctuality, and reliability Further demonstrated in our commitment to all of our clients and their projects. But best conveyed in our ability to tackle the most challenging and demanding projects and still maintain deadlines and deliver high quality results. We build to highest standards while maintaining a safe and comfortable and neat workplace. Integrity demands that we never cut corners and that we are always transparent with our clients. This is probably the most rewarding principle for our customers. It ensures a job done right the first time at a price that easy to understand and digest.




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